Scratch that: January's massive snowstorm was THE biggest in New York City's history

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Thursday, April 28, 2016
January's snowstorm was the biggest in NYC history
AccuWeather meteorologist Lee Goldberg has the latest details.

CENTRAL PARK, Manhattan (WABC) -- The massive winter storm that inundated New York City with more than 2 feet of snow in January has been moved up to the top slot, making it the biggest snowstorm in the city's history.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reviewed the measurements from the January 22-23 blizzard, and found that the actual measurement at Central Park was 27.5 inches, not 26.8 inches -- as initially reported. This moves the snow up from the No. 2 slot to the top slot.

The previous record was 26.9 inches, which was recorded during a snowstorm in February 2006.

"This is a storm of a lifetime," said Meteorologist Jeff Smith at the time of the storm.

The winter storm resulted in a travel ban across the city and on Long Island, the shutdown of MTA buses and the closure of above-ground subway lines throughout the city.

Three people -- one on Staten Island and two in Queens -- died while shoveling snow in the city.

Staten Island had the most snow in the city during the storm, piling up 31.3 inches. You can see the snow totals for all parts of the region here.