Cops go the extra mile to help Vietnam veteran in broken down scooter

Two San Diego police officer pushed a Vietnam veteran home after his motorized scooter broke down. (San Diego Police Department/Facebook)

Over the Memorial Day weekend, two San Diego police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly veteran.

Officers Eric Cooper and Milo Shields were on patrol when they saw a man whose motorized scooter had broken down on the side of the road. The man, a Vietnam veteran, is dependent on the scooter because of injuries he sustained in combat.

Rather than just drive the man home and leave the scooter behind, Cooper and Shields opted to push the man home in his scooter, about one mile.

The San Diego Police Department posted video of the officers' selfless act on its Facebook page, where it has quickly gathered 'thank yous' from the public.
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