500,000 retweets later, Callie Quinn takes prom photos with Mets at Citi Field

ByMatt Eisenberg ESPN logo
Saturday, May 19, 2018

Callie Quinn slid into the Mets' Twitter DMs, and 500,000 retweets later, had the prom of a lifetime.

It started with a tweet on Jan. 19. Quinn, a senior at New Dorp High School in Staten Island, New York, messaged the Mets asking if she could take prom photos at Citi Field. They obliged and even told her some players would join in with photos.

But one caveat: She needed 500,000 retweets.

guys!!! if i get 500k retweets this can happen for me!! please help out thank you all!!! #CalliesMetsProm pic.twitter.com/cr2Kno3jpv

- callie (@callieshayeeex3) January 19, 2018

Fewer than two weeks later, she hit the mark and even got a prom-posal from Mr. Met himself.

promposal from my favorite baseball mascot pic.twitter.com/zY09y2UhHG

- callie (@callieshayeeex3) January 29, 2018

While her school's prom isn't until next week, Friday already was a fairy-tale. Complete with a blue and orange dress -- Mets colors, of course -- and evena pair of white Keds that looked like baseballs, Quinn, 17, danced with Jerry Blevins ...

#CallieMetsProm and what's a prom without a dance? @jerryblevins gets the honor with @callieshayeeex3 ... and what could be more @Mets than the jets from LaGuardia overhead? pic.twitter.com/A8C1WrbB2H

- Greg Tartaglia (@NJTags13) May 18, 2018

got a signed jersey from Noah Syndergaard ...

#CallieMetsProm meeting Syndergaard, 1 of her 2 faves. Callie's brother Ryan carrying the jersey that players are signing for her @callieshayeeex3 pic.twitter.com/83PjENMD0s

- Greg Tartaglia (@NJTags13) May 18, 2018

and met players Todd Frazier and Michael Conforto (who almost made her break down in tears, she told reporters).

How did she feel after reaching her goal?

today is literally the greatest day of my entire life

- callie (@callieshayeeex3) May 18, 2018

It's easy to see why.