Baltimore Orioles' 'Warehouse Dog' tops new MLB ballpark food list

ByAnthony Gharib ESPN logo
Saturday, April 13, 2024

Major League Baseball is back, marking the beginning of a season that will entertain us for the next seven months.

Fans will once again fill ballparks and consume peanuts and Cracker Jack along with hot dogs sold hot off the grill. However, some teams are heading into the season with food creations that are far bolder than standard ballpark fare.

The Baltimore Orioles debuted an item called the "Warehouse Dog," which is a footlong hot dog that includeshorseradish-infused brick sauce, pit beef queso fundido, pickled pico and onions on a pretzel bun.

Here are more unique ballpark innovations that can be found across MLB this season:

Chicago White Sox: 'Campfire Milkshake'

New York Mets: 'Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll'

Seattle Mariners: 'The Double MitchWich'

Arizona Diamondbacks: 'Apple Pie Chimichanga'

Philadelphia Phillies: 'Loaded Funnel Cake Fry Sundae'

Boston Red Sox: 'Irish Nachos'

Pittsburgh Pirates: 'Renegade Hot Dog'

Kansas City Royals: 'Back to Blue Burger'

New York Yankees: Yankees' milkshake selection

Texas Rangers: 'Meatball Garlic Knot Sliders'

Miami Marlins: 'All You Can Eat' ticket

Atlanta Braves: '4 Bagger'