Carmelo Anthony reacts to #NBArank spot ESPN logo
Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Carmelo Anthony is not pleased with ESPN's#NBArank.

After coming in at No. 31 last year, Anthony plummeted out of the top 50 all the way to No. 64, sandwiched between Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart and Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball. Anthony took to social media to air his frustration.

His Instagram post of the same image features more colorful language, as he added, "AS LONG AS I KNOW IM NICE, F--- IT IM MY OWN FAN."

#NBArank is a projection for the upcoming season, and Anthony's 2016-17 numbers do not offer a rosy prediction for his upcoming season. His 17.96 PER, his lowest since his second year in the league, ranked 58th in the NBA. He's also fallen off in other ways, as ESPN's Chris Herring shows.

Anthony has a lot to prove in 2017-18 and will have to "Stay Me7o" to return to his previous superstar level.

-- Sam Henken