Clips, Warriors argue after game

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Monday, May 5, 2014

LOS ANGELES -- Apparently not even a Game 7 was enough to end the bitter rivalry between the Clippers and Golden State Warriors this season.

Shortly after the Clippers defeated the Warriors 126-121 to advance to the Western Conference semifinals, the two teams continued their feud in the tunnel connecting the home and visitors locker rooms at Staples Center.

Multiple sources who were present for the altercation indicate the incident began when Warriors players heard someone they believed to be a Clippers assistant coach loudly saying how quiet it was in the Warriors' locker room. When Warriors players came out, there were no coaches present, but a shouting match between players from both teams soon ensued in the tunnel. It never got physical, but it was heated enough that police and security had to be called to calm the situation, sources told ESPN.

"I was sitting in my office with the family," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. "I heard about it. From what I've heard, it was much to do about nothing. Unfortunately the way the arena is built, from our training room, the door opens and their locker room is through that and I guess they can hear guys being excited so that was about it. From there I guess there were guys chirping in the hallway in between the two locker rooms.

"You can't see that from the hallway [the media] goes through but no one came to [blows]. I found out about it after the fact. Besides people talking loud at each other, nothing happened."

One source described it as a "pretty serious" shouting match. The Clippers had to call in extra security to keep a Warriors player from entering their locker room, the source told ESPN.

Warriors center Marreese Speights was said to be among the main participants in the incident, according to sources, while Stephen Curry, Steve Blake and Clippers forward Glen Davis were also involved.

The rivalry between the Clippers and Warriors heated up this season when the Clippers refused to have chapel service with the Warriors before their home opener this season. The two engaged in a physical game on Christmas Day which included a couple of fights and two ejections. And after their last game of the regular season, Golden State's Jermaine O'Neal confronted Blake Griffin in the hallway.

"Both teams don't care much for each other," Chris Paul said earlier this season. "It is what it is."'s Ramona Shelburne contributed to this report.

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