Fan plans to get ink for 22 starters

ByJohn Keim ESPN logo
Monday, July 28, 2014

RICHMOND, VA. -- The 41-year-old man was asking for autographs like thousands of other fans in the crowd. He just happened to be asking for it on his arm. And he then just happened to head to a tattoo parlor to give them a permanent home on his body.

On Sunday, Redskins fan Charlie White got defensive backs Ryan Clark and Brandon Meriweather to sign his arm and in between the team's practice sessions, got their autographs turned into tattoos.

Meriweather even interrupted Clark's news conference to implore him to sign White's arm. As the cameras rolled, White headed to the podium where Clark indeed signed. White was headed back to the parlor following his successful afternoon session.

"I want all 22 starters," said White, who wore a No. 11 burgundy DeSean Jackson jersey. "I believe in getting starters on my arm for a reason. It's because I bleed burgundy and gold."

In addition to Clark and Meriweather, White also got signatures on his arm from wide receivers Jackson and Santana Moss, as well as from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Getting Griffin's signature proved to be the most difficult of the bunch.

White saved a spot on his wrist for the quarterback to sign. But when it came for Griffin to put ink to arm, White's sharpie was dry and he had to borrow another. While they posed for pictures, Griffin's mom asked him to step back and fix his hair. Then Griffin finally signed on White's wrist.

Those signatures will join fullback Darrel Young and former starting receiver Josh Morgan on his right arm.

White doesn't seem too concerned whether or not a player has a long-term future with Washington -- Meriweather, for example, is on his third team and playing on a one-year contract.

"As long as they're a starter I want them on my arm," said White, who lives in nearby Quintin and is a warehouse manager for Gas Equipment Company.

White has other Redskins tattoos, including one of the late Sean Taylor. He was not bold enough to do the Lombardi Trophy, but his goal will require a lot more work.

"That's a lot of ink, a lot of time, a lot of money," White said. "I might be starting something. I hope I don't or if I do I want it started after I do all mine."

His wife has no problem with his artwork goal.

"She knows that between fishing and the Redskins, leave me alone," he said.

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