Jets' Sauce Gardner addresses comments about Jewish people

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Star New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner on Tuesday addressed comments he made about Jewish people during a livestream this past weekend.

Popular streamer Adin Ross, who is Jewish, was discussing how he was sold a Tesla Cybertruck because of his ethnicity, when Gardner, among a group of people, intervened.

"Imma be honest, like no funny weird s---," Gardner told Ross. "Y'all run the world. They got so much motion throughout the whole world. .... Y'all gotta see how they be walking in the airport."

Gardner was criticized by some for the comment, leading to his response on social media Tuesday.

"I love all people," he wrote on X. "While my intentions were positive, I just learned that people use those exact words I shared for hate towards Jewish people. That is not what I am about and I appreciate those who took the time to educate me on that fact."

Ross said he didn't take offense to what Gardner said.

"Bro I'm Jewish," he wrote in response on X. "You did and said nothing wrong you said Jews run the world in a good way which is true, I said you were fine so ima defend you."

Gardner is entering his third season with the Jets. The No. 4 overall pick in 2022 has been a first-team All-Pro in his first two seasons.