Josh Allen, Jon Stewart, Michael Strahan and Michael Irvin join Monday Night Football with Peyton...

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

If we've learned anything about Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli Manning thus far, it's that the banter between the legendary siblings and their guests can be just as entertaining as what unfolds on the field.

Which is why -- with no disrespect to theNew York Giants(2-6) or theKansas City Chiefs(4-4) -- we were grateful to see the duo return with another star-studded cast for the fifth installment of the ManningCast.

In Peyton and Eli's second Monday back after a three-week hiatus, they welcomed Jon Stewart, Michael Strahan,Josh Allenand Michael Irvin.

While we were fairly confident Peyton wouldn't be rocking an Ole Miss jersey during any part of Week 8's ManningCast, Eli breaking out another Shakira impression didn't seem entirely out of the question. If ever a night called for it, it would be when his G-Men were playing.

What revelations came from Stewart, Strahan, Allen and Irvin? How long did it take before Eli mentioned the size of Peyton's forehead or drew attention to his pit stains?

We've got you covered with all the ManningCast Monday moments and takeaways:

Interceptions pain Peyton

The Hall of Fame QB knows the struggle all too well and, thus, was visibly distraught forPatrick Mahomeswhen the Chiefs star threw a pick in the first quarter.

We'll go ahead and assume his expression was the same whenDaniel Jonesthrew a return pick on the next series.

Quads and Eli for the win

You might not have known that comedian Jon Stewart played college soccer at William & Mary. More importantly, you likely didn't know that his quads once rivaled those ofSaquon Barkley.

You also probably weren't privy to why Stewart has a special place in his heart for Eli Manning. When the avid Giants fan was asked who his favorite New York player of all time is, Stewart explained it has to be Eli becausethe former quarterback brought the G-Men a Super Bowl during his son's lifetime.

"You're the only one who has brought him joy in his entire 17 years on this earth in terms of a sports team," Stewart told Eli.

Is it getting dusty in here?

Important poster and Giants woes

When Michael Strahan joined the show, Eli was quick toreminisce on the good ol' Super Bowl-winning days with his former teammate. He was also quick to seek an answer to a burning question over a poster that resides in Strahan's house.

It's hard to unsee it, but this is not a 1990s album cover.

After divulging what could have been for their band, Strahan and the Manning bros turned their attention back to the game.

While Eli was understandably careful not to criticize the Giants, Strahan didn't attempt to mask his frustration with the franchise's current state of affairs.

Sort of bummed we never got to see"The Peyton Manning Experience" open for Destiny's Child.

That's J. Allen to you

When it comes to football families, you would be hard-pressed to find a name that carries more weight than "Manning." Unfortunately for Peyton, his son Marshall is more interested in the moniker of a certain quarterback who resides in Buffalo.

When presented with the opportunity to put his famous last name on his flag football team jersey, Marshall instead opted to write "J. Allen," as an ode to his favorite player,Josh Allen.

It's a cold world out there.

Later, Eli took it upon himself to ask Allen about a tradition deeply personal to Bills fans: breaking tables. Buffalo's QB1 made it clear that moving forward he wouldn't partake in the act until he had secured a Super Bowl ring.

Group text blowing up

Michael Irvin was just trying to join the ManningCast in peace, but no such luck. After sending out a preemptive message to his group text asking his co-workers not to hit him up while he was on the show, chaos ensued.

Somebody please teach Irvin about "do not disturb" mode.

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