Kristaps Porzingis trade news sends shock waves through NBA

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Friday, February 1, 2019

The NBA world barely had time to recover from Thursday morning's news that Kristaps Porzingis left New York Knicks officials with the impression that he wanted to be traded when the other shoe dropped.

A week before the 2019 NBA trade deadline, The Unicorn was on the move, and NBA players were swift to react on Twitter, embracing the drama along with the rest of us.

Knicks center Enes Kanter, who has had his own ongoing drama with the team, responded to the news with a series of emoji-filled tweets that recalled the heady days of the DeAndre Jordan Clippers/Mavs saga. (Coincidentally, Jordan is one of the players reportedly going to New York in the Porzingis deal.)

Kanter was far from the only Knicks player to react to the news that shook up the team's roster.

Then there were the reactions from the young stars of the Los Angeles Lakers, who've been involved in their own trade rumors of late.

As always, when it comes to all things #NBATwitter, Joel Embiid probably summed up the reaction best.

But it was Porzingis himself who got the last word -- if emojis and a GIF can count as a "word."

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