Man sues Nebraska, says balloons a threat to kids, wildlife

ByJosh Moyer ESPN logo
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

At least one Nebraska resident would like to see the Huskers put an end to their long-standing tradition of releasing balloons into the air after the team's first touchdown.

Randall S. Krause, of Omaha, filed a lawsuit against the university on Monday over the tradition, saying the red balloons pose a threat to both young children and wildlife after they fall back to Earth.

In the 14-page complaint, he also alleged the 50-plus year tradition basically amounts to "the open dumping of solid waste," which violates environmental laws.

A university spokesman declined to comment, other than saying the school is aware of the lawsuit but does not comment on pending litigation. Krause also did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Nebraska currently uses biodegradable natural latex and cotton strings in its balloons.

Krause isn't the first person to oppose the tradition. In 2014, a Nebraska environmentalist started an online petition opposing the practice. The petition received 587 signatures, falling short of its 1,000-signature goal.