That's so Browns: Siri equates FirstEnergy stadium to 'sadness'

ByPat McManamon ESPN logo
Thursday, March 17, 2016

Siri is jumping on the Cleveland Browns' pile.

In Cleveland, if you ask Siri -- Apple's personal voice assistant -- the question "Where is sadness?" -- it responds with this photo directing people to FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Browns. In the pantheon of "That's So Browns" moments, this one may take the prize.

WEWS-TV in Cleveland had earlier pointed to Siri's answer.

This may go back to a video by Cleveland comedian Mike Polk, who dubbed the Browns' stadium "a factory of sadness" in a YouTube video that has gotten more than 1.95 million hits.

That video was filmed in 2011.

Siri perhaps believes it is still true today.

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