Travis Kelce ejected after tirade, toss of towel at official

ByAdam Teicher ESPN logo
Monday, November 7, 2016

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Chiefstight endTravis Kelce was alternately apologetic and sarcastic about getting thrown out of Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars for strenuously arguing when a defensive pass interference penalty wasn't called in the end zone on a fourth-quarter pass to him.

Kelce was penalized first for unsportsmanlike conduct in protesting the no-call. He then threw a towel that was tucked into his pants at an official. For that, he was disqualified and the Chiefs received a second 15-yard penalty.

"I felt like an idiot,'' Kelce said. "I can't do that to my teammates. I can't do that to the [fans], to myself. It was a terrible decision.''

But later, when asked what he had learned from the situation, Kelce said, "I can't throw my flag at the ref, but he can throw his all day long.''

Coach Andy Reid had a brief conversation with Kelce before he left the playing field and went to the locker room.

"You can't do that stuff,'' Reid said later when asked what he told Kelce.

Kelce said he was frustrated after not getting that pass interference call and others this season.

"It's built up,'' Kelce said. "It's not going to get any better in terms of my hoping. They're not going to change just because 87 from the Chiefs is crying about the call.

"That was a guaranteed touchdown if I had got my hands on it. That's where the frustration comes in. It's a close game and I had kind of been quiet during the game. We finally get some momentum ... and we don't even get the call for it. I just lost it.''

The Chiefs defeated the Jaguars 19-14 on Sunday. Kelce was held without a catch before his ejection.

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