Warriors' Stephen Curry to wear protective arm sleeve in Game 5

ByJ.A. Adande ESPN logo
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry wore a sleeve on his right arm to protect an elbow injury during the team's shootaround Wednesday morning and is expected to wear the sleeve in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals, a reminder of the lingering damage from the harrowing spill he took during Game 4.

"It's just the impact of the fall," Curry said. "My whole right side took the brunt of that force, and my head. It's basically like a bruise all the way up and down your body that you've just got to deal with."

Curry tumbled over Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza during the second quarter, awkwardly attempting to brace himself with his arm before his head and body crashed to the floor. Medical staff from both teams attended to him before he went to the Warriors' locker room. After passing tests to determine he had not suffered a concussion, Curry returned to the game in the third quarter.

Curry said concern about a potential head injury and the midgame adrenaline kept him from noticing any other injuries at the time.

"You don't feel anything besides maybe just the bruise on your head, because that was the first thing I felt on the floor," Curry said. "But I didn't feel anything else, because you're just sort of amped up.

"It all sort of hits you after the game and then today. When you fall like that, it's scary. But this [the elbow injury] is something you're going to deal with throughout your career, whether you run into a screen or get hit. You might take a charge or something and get bruised up. I can deal with that. So all is good."

Curry said he hasn't played with a sleeve before but does not think it will affect his shooting.

"I shot pretty well with it just now," Curry told reporters minutes after finishing his usual shooting routine. "So hopefully that will continue tonight."

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