Disneyland sees new improvements ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Disneyland sees new improvements ahead of 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' opening
Disneyland is making some changes throughout the park to accommodate larger crowds in preparation for the highly anticipated debut of "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" on Friday.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Disneyland is making some changes throughout the park to accommodate larger crowds in preparation for the highly anticipated debut of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge on Friday.

At 14 acres, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is the largest expansion in Disneyland history.

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With the major addition came significant construction to accommodate the influx of visitors. "Star Wars" fans from Southern California and across the galaxy are expected to flood into the attraction, which requires a reservation.

As part of "Project Stardust," walkways around the park have been widened and some curbs along Main Street have been lowered or removed. Previously unused parts of the park have also been made available, like the Tropical Hideaway, which Disneyland describes as "an amazing jungle oasis offering fast 'n' easy fare with a sense of adventure in the air." The restaurant inside Adventureland replaces Aladdin's Oasis.

The biggest change is to the Sleeping Beauty Castle. After months of work, and a little bit of pixie dust, the park's iconic centerpiece reopened May 24. It had been closed since January.

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The landmark has a new roof along with sparkling new touches. The pink and blue colors are deeper, and the castle now shimmers.

Imagineers hope the new improvements will enhance guests' experience this summer.

"(The Sleeping Beauty Castle) is our original castle, we bought lots of sister castles around the world, but she's the first. She's Walt's castle and we're very proud to have her and we want her to shine," Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine said.

As far as "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge," Disney is keeping most things under wraps. Many Disneyland cast members have already toured the remote outpost, but you won't find too much about it on social media.

What we can tell you is the public will be able to buy an alcoholic drink for the first time at Disneyland, at Oga's Cantina.

And they'll be able to walk inside the Millennium Falcon, where R2-D2 and Chewbacca played holochess.

You might even come across the dianoga, the creature that took up residence in the Death Star's trash compactor.

Disney says there will be surprises around every corner.

The counterpart to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Disney World in Florida on Aug. 29.

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