Woman with gun, brick shot by police after wild spree on Staten Island

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Monday, March 26, 2018
Woman with gun, brick shot by police after wild spree on Staten Island
CeFaan Kim has more on the wild chain of events that unfolded on Staten Island.

GRYMES HILL, Staten Island (WABC) -- A woman with a gun was injured in a police-involved shooting on Staten Island Sunday after a wild one-woman crime spree.

Police say it all started Saturday night at a PTA meeting when the suspect choked out her ex-best friend's new friend.

The woman showed up to her mother-in-law's home on Nugent Avenue around 12:15 Sunday afternoon, where police responded to some sort of dispute. The woman fired shots into the home. It is unclear why she was there.

As police responded, they encountered a black GMC SUV they say the woman was driving. The SUV then fled the scene. Police then stopped the SUV and detained a man inside of it, but the woman took off.

Half an hour later, the woman ended up just a few blocks away at her former best friend's home on Sunnyside Terrace. The woman had a gun and a brick, and got inside the home. Her former best friend was not home, but her son was, so she took the son's phone and called her.

The son got out of the home, and escaped to his next door neighbor's house - his neighbor happens to be a retired police officer. With his phone, he called his mother and told her not to come home because the woman had a gun.

"She had a brick - one of those cobblestones, and broke the door," said neighbor Francis Peter Dillon.

The wild spree ended on Highland Avenue.

"As the police officers approached the vehicle, the suspect produced a firearm. The two police officers discharged five rounds, striking the suspect one time in the shoulder," said NYPD Chief Rodney Harrison.

The suspect is in stable condition at Richmond University Medical Center. Police say she never fired at officers.

Police were not injured.


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