'Strawberry Laser' treatments shrink fat, not banish it

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Sunday, November 29, 2015
'Strawberry Laser' treatments shrink fat, not banish it
Michelle Charlesworth has more.

EAST SIDE, New York (WABC) -- It is the latest tool in slimming down - a laser that doesn't exactly banish the fat so much as shrink it. Sarah says that she lost about three inches around her natural waist after 8 'Strawberry Laser' sessions.

"It's something I just feel like I needed for my pregnancy belly," she said.

At MedSpa on East 44th St, Eyewiness News got to see how the strawberry laser works. First, Sarah was measured in three areas around her midsection, then the laser belt was fastened around her. The device is a lot like a heating pad, and is placed on for about 15 minutes. This must be done 8 times, and costs $1,200 total.

The FDA says the fat shrink is temporary, but if patients watch their exercise and diet they will do well.

Carmen Fernandez explains that the Strawberry Laser is actually many lasers in the belt that pulse through the skin, and make fat cells drain and shrink, which in turn shrinks the area. The vibrating plate then jiggles everything to speed up the training. Fernandez cautions that unlike other, more expensive, more effective, but also more painful procedures, the fat cells are still there.

"After a while, you will have to come back and do more - more like a quick fix, not like cool sculpting, shrinking," Ferdandez says.

People who do not watch their diet or exercise will see the inches and fat come back.

"So if you fill 'em back up again, you will have to come back," adds Fernandez.