After 6 years, W trains running between Manhattan, Queens

Monday, November 7, 2016
After 6 years, W trains running between Manhattan, Queens
Tim Fleischer reports on the resuming of W train service

ASTORIA, Queens (WABC) -- The W train has returned to New York City's subway system after a six-year hiatus.

The newly restored service runs between Astoria, Queens, and lower Manhattan starting Monday.

The local train was welcomed by Trisha Prasab.

"It definitely helps me out, because I work on 86th Street," she said. "So that's a stop, so it's one commute for me."

The W will be a Broadway local as it travels through Manhattan between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., giving commuters more options.

The N train will make express stops in Manhattan between Times Square-42nd Street and Canal Street on weekdays during peak hours, midday and evenings.

For commuter Dave Register, it saves a lot of transfers.

"I need to get to 23rd Street, 28th Street," he said. "If it's not the N, then it's the Q. Oet off at 34th Street, then I'd have to walk the difference or, either way, go down to 14th Street and walk up. So I'm a big proponent of more transportation for more people."

The W train was side tracked back in 2010 when the MTA made drastic budget cuts.

Fernando Garcia is a student.

"It is helping me," he said. "It's helping me to get to school on time."

The Q train will be shifting out of Queens once the Second Avenue Subway opens, but the W's local service most appeals to riders.