Man's wild crime spree on Staten Island includes torching van, firing gun at garage door

Friday, October 27, 2017
Police charge Staten Island man with torching a van, firing gun at garage door
Tim Fleischer reports on a Staten Island man charged with torching a van and allegedly firing shots into a house and garage.

TODT HILL, Staten Island (WABC) -- Police have charged a Staten Island man with setting a van on fire and allegedly firing shots into a house and a garage over a two night period Monday and Tuesday.

"My husband's work van was set on fire. My three tires on my vehicle were slashed," said one victim who asked not to be identified.

Security video from a neighbor's camera shows a man walking up to the van, and then moments after he walks away the van burst into flames.

"I don't feel safe. Right now I don't feel safe," the victim said.

Police have arrested and charged a neighbor 36-year old Bart Kowalczyk with torching the van, but also criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief stemming from what police say is a string of dangerous incidents.

The suspect is also being charged with firing a loaded firearm into the front door of a house on Richmond Road and putting lives in danger the night before the van fire.

A short time later, he allegedly shot a loaded firearm into a garage door at a Rome Avenue address.

Then on the following night, police charged him with setting the van on fire and slashing the three tires on the victim's car.

"Why he did that again, I don't know why," the victim said.