Teen from Long Island one of the best in the world at table tennis

PLEASANTVILLE (WABC) -- It would seem that Estee Ackerman does not have a bad shot. In her 15 and under table tennis age group she is number 6, and for all women in America, she is number 68.

Estee turned 14 last Monday, and she started playing when she was 8. Her father indulged her and her older brother by hiring professional coaches and installing a professional table in the basement of their Long Island home. They travel to clubs all over - better than video games, he thought - and Estee agrees. However, there have been sacrifices along the way.

"I wonder sometimes how much better I'd be if I trained on the Sabbath," says Estee.

Estee is Modern Orthodox. She had to miss all the Saturday events. It was tough for her initially, but her standard is quite strong that she can do the Sunday events.

The Sunday events are usually for higher levels, but now Estee fits right in, except for her unconventional longer skirt, but she is hardly modest when it comes to her goals.

"In 2016, the Olympics are coming up, so I'll be training tough for that," notes Estee.

She will also be starting Yeshiva University High School for Girls this fall, bringing her passion about table tennis, Judaism and about being a good person - a Freshman with her sights set on victory.
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