9/11 victims' children spend 'Take Your Child to Work Day' with the FDNY

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Thursday, April 28, 2016
9/11 victims' children spend Take Your Child to Work Day with the FDNY
Shirleen Allicot has the latest details.

QUEENS VILLAGE, Queens (WABC) -- The FDNY hosted a very special day for some of the children whose parents died on September 11, 2001.

"Nice and easy, push hard," a firefighter said.

The kids learned how to lift cars into the air and pry doors open during a fire.

"When I say hit, you hit," the firefighter said.

Take your child to work day was extra special for a few lucky kids.

"I've never been a real fire house before and I got to learn about how the fire trucks work," said Angio Baytos, a participant.

The experience is thanks to "Tuesday's Children", an organization supporting kids affected by 9/11, those who lost a loved one in the military, or on the job as a first responder.

Even on what turned out to be a busy day for the fire house in Queens Village, firefighters took their time showing the young ones the ropes.

"They literally just got in and now they're leaving again," a child said.

"They have to go out a lot it seems, because they've gone out like four times already since we've been here, and we've only been here like two hours," another child said.

"I got to slide down the pole," another participant said.

They even got to get geared up from head to toe.

"I feel like there's something really heavy on me, also like something holding me on my leg trying to get me," another child said.

"The fire department does a great job and when these kids come every year, it's nice to show them what it's all about, teach them things and give them advice they can use, and maybe talk a few of them into joining the fire department," said Keith Baccari, FDNY.

"I'll keep being a firefighter in mind," a child said.

"I might be a gamer or a fireman, we'll talk," another said.