7 On Your Side averts Taylor Swift concert calamity for a young fan

Days before the big concert, the scalper who promised the raffle prize went dark.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023
7 On Your Side and StubHub help girl slighted on Taylor Swift ticket prize
Nina Pineda has more on how 7 On Your Side helped a young girl who had won tickets to see Taylor Swift but got slighted.

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- The hottest and most expensive ticket this summer is Taylor Swift.

Imagine being a 9-year-old girl and winning two free golden tickets in a raffle.

But then this little Swifty watched her seats disappear the night before the big show.

So her family called 7 On Your Side.

Last February, Tabitha Parlanti of Staten Island was in the hospital after enduring brain surgery.

The little girl had been diagnosed with a condition where spinal fluid builds in the brain.

Her parents said their youngest suffered with severe headaches for weeks.

"A complete change in personality," said Tabitha's mom. "She normally is so outgoing..(and then went) to not wanting to do anything."

"They gave me brain surgery, and I was really nervous," said Tabitha. "I still have headaches in the front of my head."

Fortunately, the 9 year old made a full recovery following surgery.

And at her school's Daddy-Daughter Dance this spring, Tabitha was beaming after winning the grand prize raffle, two tickets to hottest show of the year: Taylor Swift!

"I was just so surprised, because I never win anything," Tabitha said.

"I was happy and crying a little bit," said Frank Parlanti, Tabitha's dad. "Everything she went through... she was excited to see the show! I was in tears."

The show was on Memorial Day weekend at MetLife Stadium, and Tabitha had her whole outfit ready to go.

But days before the big concert, the scalper who promised the raffle prize went dark.

"He's not responding, and I don't think it's happening," said Tabitha's mom.

"I was crying," Tabitha told us.

"She cried the whole weekend," her dad confirmed.

And in the end, Tabitha never got to go to that show.

That weekend, 7 On Your Side was busying helping several Swifties who'd shelled out thousands to a ticket re-seller via StubHub but never got their Taylor tickets.

StubHub came through for them, getting everyone we asked to help seats to the show.

StubHub was not involved in Tabitha's ticket trouble, but we decided to ask them anyway if they could do us - and her - a solid.

Within hours of our calls, the ticket giant pulled a giant favor, gifting two tickets for Tabitha and her mom to experience the Eras concert.

As Tabitha fought back her tears from her earlier disappointment, we delivered the good news.

"We got you tickets for the next show!" we announced. "What do you think?"

"I'm really happy!" Tabitha exclaimed.

So the pair travelled to Minneapolis, where the young girl's wildest dream came through.

"We are at Taylor Swift," they said in a joyful message to us. "Thank you, 7 On Your Side!"

As for StubHub, the company told us it is "committed to giving fans access to live events, so after hearing about Tabitha's story, we thought it was a great opportunity to help someone's dream come true."

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