12-ton 'Science in the Square' aquarium takes over Times Square

ByMike Bencivenga, Jamie Nguyen & John Sprei WABC logo
Thursday, June 1, 2017
12-ton aquarium sits in the middle of Times Square
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Science takes over Times Square

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) -- You never know what you will encounter in Times Square, and the latest addition is a 12-ton aquarium.

**Check out the giant aquarium in video above**

Holoscenes, as it is known, is the centerpiece of Science in the Square, the three-day World Science Festival that includes free activities, demonstrations and installations aimed at giving people a better understanding of science.

As for Holoscenes, the aquarium periodically floods and drains, requiring a rotating cast of performers to respond creatively to changing levels of water. It happens over the course of five hours each day.

Science in the Square will be open to visitors of all ages from 7 a.m. to midnight through June 3.

It is centered between Broadway and 7th Avenue, between 45th and 47th streets.

For more information, visit WorldScienceFestival.com