Famed Wallendas successfully cross highwire 25 stories above Times Square

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The Crossroads of the World turned into the highwire crossroads of the famed Wallendas on Sunday night, when the two siblings successfully crossed a highwire atop Times Square.

Nik and his sister Lijana were 25 stories high, balancing body, mind and nerves of steel on a cable less than the size of Nik's thumb.

The siblings started on opposite ends of the mile challenge. They met in the middle, and Lijana sat down while Nik crossed over her. Lijana then got back up, and they both to the end - one careful step at a time. Nik finished first, and then Lijana followed.

The ends of the cable were not level - there was a seven-story incline.

In the midst of their feat, they waved to spectators like the perfect performers they are, and Lijana adjusted her pole.

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For Lijana, Sunday was a comeback moment. Two years ago, she almost died when she fell 30 feet during practice while trying to set a new record. The fall shattered every bone in her face and numerous others in her body.

Yet Lijana got back on the wire - and in front of a national audience.
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