Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and other NFL stars get a 'Bad Lip Reading'

From players discussing an upcoming throw on field to coaches endlessly bickering with referees on the sidelines, football has proven itself to be a verbally oriented sport. So "Bad Lip Reading" dubbed over these players, coaches, reporters, and referees' on-screen dialogue, and made one hilarious, touchdown-worthy viral video.

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For those unfamiliar, "Bad Lip Reading" is a online video series where famous people and fictional characters have their voices dubbed over and replaced with hilarious dialogue. Everyone from Barack Obama to Tyrion Lannister from the "Game of Thrones" series has received the "Bad Lip Reading" treatment.

Some choice lines from this "Bad Lip Reading" video include:

"This is the bad guy, and no, this is the good one," - Case Keenum, Houston Texans

"So wait, you're saying that if you don't like her then you buy this girl a second-hand handbag?" - Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

"Dude, pick up that penny," Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

"Come on, hug daddy, I love my gopher," - Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks

The NFL had previously been the subject of another funny "Bad Lip Reading" video in 2013, seen below.

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