Uber now allowing customers to see their 1 to 5 star ratings from drivers

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Friday, February 18, 2022
Uber now allows customers to see their ratings from drivers
Uber is letting customers view the number of one to five-star ratings they receive from drivers.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Here's a reason to be on your best behavior on Uber rides. For the first time, the company is now letting you see the breakdown of your ratings.

Your cumulative rating is the number you used to see by your name in the top right of your app. Now, you can see how many 1-star or 5-star ratings you've gotten.

Here's how it works:

Head to settings, privacy, privacy center, then swipe right to find where it says "Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?"

Click "see summary" then scroll down to "ratings" and click "view my ratings."

Drivers can now also see a breakdown of their ratings from passengers.