COVID Live Updates: Dr. Fauci says people with virus should wait 90 days for vaccine

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Friday, January 8, 2021
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Dr. Fauci says waiting 90 days could prevent interference with natural antibodies.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The CDC projects up to 438,000 deaths could be reported by January 30th.

So far, just over 361,000 deaths have been reported.

This comes after Dr. Anthony Fauci said people who had COVID-19 should wait 90 days after infection before they get vaccinated.

The comments are contrast to the widespread public health guidance that even people who have had the virus should get the vaccine whenever it's available to them.

Dr. Fauci says he believes waiting the 90 days would prevent interference between natural antibodies and the vaccine.

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Here are more of today's headlines:

US breaks 4,000 deaths in 24 hours from COVID for first time

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there were 4,279 new deaths recorded between 5 p.m. Wednesday and 5 p.m. Thursday. This is the first time the daily count has recorded more than 4,000 deaths in one 24-hour period.

Peeling hands, fatigue, brain fog: COVID-19 side effects last for months for some patients

One recent study showed up to 10% of patients could have long term side effects, in patients who have become knowns as "long haulers."

Nassau County announces plans to increase COVID vaccinations

Nassau County officials announced changes to which COVID-19 patients are taken to the hospital and detailed plans to increase the number of residents vaccinated. If Nassau County's first COVID vaccination "pod" got off to a slow start, it has quickly compensated for that. Officials say 50,000 Long Island residents have been vaccinated so far.

Mean Girls will not return to Broadway

Mean Girls announced Thursday it will not return to Broadway but will resume national tour performances this summer.

Community rallies to support small businesses

A New Jersey man launched a campaign to help small businesses struggling amid the pandemic and the response has been overwhelming.

Morristown has made itself a vibrant and inviting destination full of mom-and-pop shops and restaurants - but pandemic restrictions have financially choked many businesses. Now members of the community are stepping up to help.

Daily indicators

New Jersey's 6,314 is the highest single day of positive cases, and just the third time new confirmed cases topped 6,000. Meanwhile, New York's 197 deaths is the highest one-day death number since May.

Vaccination rate

New York City has only vaccinated 14% of its health care workers so far, Gov. Cuomo said. Statewide, 430,000 vaccines have been administered out of 900,000 available.

Planning ahead for Group 1b vaccine distribution

Group 1b in New York consists of essential workers like police, firefighters, teachers, transit workers, etc. and those over 75 years old. Gov. Cuomo said distribution will not be the issue because there will be thousands of points of distribution across the state, like pharmacies, doctors' officers, etc., but the problem will be supply.

There are 3 million people in Group 1b, but the current supply the state is receiving is 300,000 per week.

Increase in vaccine distribution in NY

Gov. Cuomo says the state was doing 10,000 vaccinations per day previously, but has dramatically increased this week with 30,000 given Monday and 50,000 given Wednesday.

2 cases of COVID variant detected in Connecticut

Governor Ned Lamont announced that public health officials in Connecticut have confirmed that the first two cases of the COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7 have been detected in the state. The two individuals are between the ages of 15 and 25 and both reside in New Haven County. Both individuals recently traveled outside Connecticut - one to Ireland and the other to New York State - and both developed symptoms within 3 to 4 days of their return. Genetic sequencing of the virus has confirmed that the two cases are unrelated.

Register for vaccine if eligible in NYC online

If you qualify, you can now register for appointments online for COVID vaccinations at distribution sites opening in New York City this weekend. The sites will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mayor Bill de Blasio doubled down on his claim that the state is slowing down the process.

NYC Indicators

Mayor Bill de Blasio again called on the state for more flexibility on who could receive the COVID-19 vaccine. All of the city's indicators remained well above their thresholds. The positivity rate in the city stands at 9.21%.

Mega vaccination sites in NJ

The first mega sites will open Friday at the Rockaway Townsquare Mall in Morris County and the Rowan College of South Jersey.

COVID NJ vaccinations for first responders

Gov. Phil Murphy announced New Jersey police and fire professionals can receive their vaccinations effective Thursday. They are technically part of the phase 1b category, as stated in New Jersey's 182-page plan for vaccine distribution, but the state is able to open vaccination to them based on available supply. They will be the first in the 1b category to get the vaccine.

COVID variant in NY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it appears there is evidence that the COVID variant in Saratoga Springs was actually connected to U.K. travel. He said "if we had tested people from the U.K. before they got here, we wouldn't have had the U.K. travel spread."

Requesting testing

Cuomo is requesting U.S. Customs and Border Protection to test anyone coming in from out-of-country. He asked them to either require international travelers arriving at NY airports show they were tested before admission or allow the port authority staff to request of people coming through customs to request whether or not they were tested.

"It's just that simple and it makes total common sense," he said. "We have a UK strain case that we found in Saratoga. Dr. Zucker has been very aggressive in contact tracing."

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