Former Robb Elementary School teacher grieves for her mentor, students killed

ByBriana Conner via KTRK logo
Saturday, May 28, 2022
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People in the small community said there's no way to make sense of Tuesday's mass shooting. The victims are now represented by 21 white crosses in front of Robb Elementary School.

UVALDE, Texas -- Friday was another difficult night for people in Uvalde. Crowds gathered at Robb Elementary School to grieve the 21 lives taken on Tuesday.

One woman, through tears, talked about her connection to the building, the teachers, and the students inside the fourth-grade classroom where the shooting happened.

"Three years ago, this was my school. Irma Garcia was my mentor teacher. These were my friends. I taught some of their siblings, and I can't wrap my head around it. I don't understand it," Regina Miles said.

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People in the small community said there's no way to make sense of Tuesday's mass shooting. Twenty-one white crosses now represent the victims in front of Robb Elementary School.

Each day, crowds have come to pray and leave gifts at a memorial site. Many of them were families with small children. They tried to comfort each other as best they could.

Miles said it took her three days, but she knew she had to come.

"It's very important for me to be here. The friends that I made and the relationships that I had here while I was here my first three years of teaching were awesome. Awesome women. Awesome families. This community has been rocked, and they'll never be the same," said Miles.

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Miles gave troopers a sign of support from the elementary school where she works now.

"We don't finish until next week. So, we have a whole 'nother four days to go. It's hard every day to go up in there," she said.

Despite how hard she said it was to be at the scene, she believes the most difficult days would be next. It will be whenever the community can move past grief toward answers.

"Can we get together and let's find a solution? How can we fix it," she asked.

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