11-year-old uses surfing to raise money for Ukraine,animal shelters and others in need

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024
11-year-old uses surfing to raise money for shelters, those in need
Carter Doorley set a goal to surf every day and he has now reached 1,000 days of surfing -- all for a good cause.

BRIGANTINE, New Jersey -- During the COVID pandemic 11-year-old, Carter Doorley took advantage of the open beaches near his home in Brigantine.

He set a goal to surf every day, and he has now reached 1,000 straight days of surfing.

Doorley has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and needed an outlet for all of his energy while quarantining.

He asked his mother, Dawn, if he could start bringing a surfboard to the beach, hoping to improve his skills.

His original goal was to surf for 100 days, but the sense of a routine made him want to surf even more.

But surfing has become more than a hobby for Carter.

Through his growing popularity on social media and the excitement of reaching his surfing goals, Doorley and his mother have been raising money for various charities.

They have donated money to their local food pantry, animal shelters and for children in Ukraine.

Doorley has also been an inspiration for people to learn how to surf.

He has even heard from those who quit surfing and decided to jump back in the water, upon seeing his videos on social media.