Queens composer Morgan Kibby on creating the soundtrack for new National Geographic series

ByAmit Lerner, Cameron Covell, Dana Langer Localish logo
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Morgan Kibby on creating the soundtrack for Nat Geo's Queens.
Meet Morgan Kibby, the composer behind National Geographic's Queens - a documentary celebrating the resilience, intelligence and ferocity of matriarchies and female leaders in the animal kingdom.

LOS ANGELES -- Morgan Kibby says she never planned for her music career; it just kind of happened. After spending her twenties touring with a band and collecting platinum records, Kibby decided she was ready for a change.

Through a director friend, Kibby landed her first job composing for film. "The rest was kind of history from there," she said.

Kibby's latest contribution is to National Geographic's Queens, a seven-part documentary series celebrating the resilience, intelligence and ferocity of matriarchies in the animal kingdom. Narrated by Angela Bassett and helmed by an entirely female-led production team, the project celebrates females, both animal and human, in a groundbreaking way.

"Queens is a remarkable project because I think its the first show I've ever seen that focuses solely on female tribes of animals," Kibby says of why the series resonated with her.

"And I have had the privilege of working, 99% of the time, with completely female teams."

Kibby says one of the highlights of working on the project was the episode titled Tiny Jungle Queens, which follows two female insect leaders building their empires under the rainforest canopy.

"I loved the Tiny Queens episode because I was really allowed to be, I think, the full electronic music lover that I am," she explained.

As for the impact Kibby hopes the show will have, she said she hopes it will elicit excitement and give audiences a fresh perspective on the animal kingdom and how we showcase it.

"I hope that the people that watch Queens just feel moved, I think, in the way that I did," she added.

Watch National Geographic's Queens, now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.