Vigil held to remember pregnant woman murdered in the Bronx, family grateful for baby's life

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Monday, September 25, 2017
Candlelight vigil to remember pregnant woman murdered in Bronx
Josh Einiger reports from the Wakefield section of the Bronx.

WAKEFIELD, Bronx (WABC) -- A candlelight vigil was held to remember a young woman about to give birth to her child.

She was murdered and her baby taken from her body, cops say, by another woman who claimed the newborn was her own.

"I've known Angel for, it's been my whole life," the victim's friend said.

In front of Angelikque Sutton's childhood home Monday night, disbelief dissolved into raw emotion.

"The night before she passed, I was talking to her and she was showing me the sonograms. And then the next day, I got the news at 8:15 on Friday that they took my friend," the victim's friend said.

Her nickname was Angel. The 22-year-old soon to be mom was a recent graduate of St. John's with her whole life ahead of her. It was a life ripped away, say police, by a deranged acquaintance named Ashleigh Wade.

On Friday, she invited Sutton to her Wakefield apartment, then allegedly stabbed her to death and carved her baby girl from her womb.

Police say Wade insisted the baby was hers.

"Just pray for us," the victim's family said.

They don't make families much stronger than the Sutton's.

Her father, William, is a bishop at Zion Hill Pentecostal in Morrisania. Her mother is also a pastor.

Monday night, a succession of fellow clergy lifted them up in prayer. They prayed for their loss and for their new granddaughter. Genesis is a happy and healthy baby girl.

"Lord we thank you for baby Genesis. Oh Lord, you put survival in the midst of all of this," they prayed.

"I really believe her name is Angel for a reason, and everybody who's here she's looking after everybody," a mourner said.

"Angel I love you, like, I just pray she's at peace," the victim's friend said.