Have a sibling? You might relate to this little boy's reaction to big news

ByJess Gonzalez Bellet WPVI logo
Friday, May 21, 2021
Thousands can relate to little boy's reaction to mom's surprise
Have a sibling? You might relate to this little boy's reaction to his mom's big news!

FLORENCE, Ala. -- An Alabama woman's video is really hitting home for tens of thousands of strangers with siblings on social media.

It starts with a mom surprising her two kids with some big news at a restaurant.

In the Instagram clip, Stacy Garner, tells 10-year-old Trey and 5-year-old Ava that mommy is going to have a baby.

Little Ava instantly erupts in excited cheers and chants of "I want a baby sister."

But Trey was not as thrilled... asking mom "why?" and worrying that another sibling would annoy him, like Ava.

If you think Trey's dramatic reaction may have been different if Stacy told them she was having a boy, think again.

Trey burst into tears, lamenting about another sibling bothering him, even if the baby is a little brother.

Despite being called annoying, sweet little sis, Ava, comforted her big brother the whole time.

By the way, Stacy originally posted the video back in January, but it just went viral.

That means we can now confirm that Ava is getting her wish, mom is having a girl in August!

As for Trey, Stacy tells 6abc that he has come around to the idea and is now constantly asking about the baby and how mom feels!