Texas high school student suspended for having long hair

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Waller high school student suspended over haircut
A Waller High School senior was suspended for having long hair just weeks before graduation.

WALLER, Texas -- A high school student in Waller County, Texas said he received in-school suspension for having long hair.

Lezayvier Madison is a student at Waller High School. He said he has never cut his hair and has had dreadlocks since his freshman year.

"My hair is my memory," Lezayvier said. "The past four years of high school, I've been through some really crazy stuff, like my grandpa died my sophomore year, junior year was the best year of my life and then senior year, all this drama for no reason."

His mother, LaToyia Madison, said her son's long hair has not been an issue with school administrators until recently, eight weeks before graduation.

WATCH: Lezayvier Madison speaks about his suspension

A Waller high school student was suspended for having long hair.

"Now they're requesting that he cut his hair. He's been able to put his hair in a scrunchie or a head tie all this time, so why now, when there's eight weeks left," LaToyia said. "They're threatening that he cut his hair or he has to go to ISS, which is in-school suspension. And I really don't think it's fair."

She said her son is staying home from school right now with her full support.

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According to the Waller ISD Student Handbook, "A student's hair must be neat, clean and must not be distracting or interfere with the learning environment...Boys may grow their hair to a length that does not exceed touching the shoulders at full extension in the back, which is equal to the bottom of the collar on a standard dress shirt."

LaToyia acknowledges her son's hair is longer than it should be, according to the policy.

"I completely understand that he is out of dress code, but you've allowed him to wear a hair tie all this time, and now he has to cut it in order to attend school," LaToyia said.

She said she tried to go through the proper channels to resolve the issue but did not make progress until she called Eyewitness News.

"After I received a text message from you, that's when everyone wants to start to call, and I thought that was very ironic," LaToyia said.

LaToyia is now scheduled to meet with a district representative Wednesday morning. A spokeswoman for Waller ISD declined to comment further until after that meeting.

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