NJ Whole Foods fires security company that banned 70-year-old over cheese

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

VAUXHALL, N.J. -- Representatives from a Whole Foods store in New Jersey say they have fired the security company responsible for detaining a 70-year-old woman and banning her from any of the supermarket chain's stores in three states after she accidentally left without paying for some cheese.

A woman bought about $60 worth of items at the Millburn-Union location on Oct. 4, but she forgot to ring up the cheese hiding underneath her bag in the cart.

Officials say loss prevention agents brought Dooley to the back of the store where she was questioned, photographed and eventually banned.

Spokesman Michael Sinatra says the firm previously contracted at the location has been "removed and replaced."

It's unclear what security company was the prior contract holder.

Sinatra says attempts to reach the woman haven't been returned.