Large windmill blades fall off Long Branch 'Windmill' restaurant

Tuesday, December 29, 2015
wabc-Thomas Sciliano

LONG BRANCH, New Jersey -- The Windmill restaurant in Long Branch says it is back open for business after windmill blades fell off on Monday night.

Employees heard the blades fall off around 9 p.m. and called police. The restaurant was open at the time of the collapse.

There were no injuries.

Strong wind in the area is believed to be the cause of the collapse.

The windmill is considered a landmark in the town. In a statement, the restaurant said "No humans or hot dogs were injured last night", and added "We'd like to thank all our friends for the many kind words and support we received last night. We are so grateful that nobody was hurt and there is no other damage and will make plans to repair the West End WindMill Hot Dogs ASAP! Please stop by today- we will be open at 10:30am as usual. The blades will be stored in the parking lot for now."