Texas woman frantically calls mom while being fatally stabbed

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Friday, December 16, 2016
'Something made him snap': Son accused in mom's brutal murder in W. Harris Co.
The victim, identified as an Alief ISD school board member, was on the phone when her son allegedly stabbed her multiple times, deputies say

HARRIS COUNTY, TX -- A Texas woman made a frantic call to her mother just before her brutal murder early Friday morning.

The pastor for Dedre Jefferson's family said she called her 73-year-old mother after her adult son began acting strangely.

Pastor Gregg Patrick claims the man had taken some of his mother's blood pressure and diabetes medications and was acting erratically.

Shortly thereafter, screams rang out over the phone receiver. Jefferson reportedly told her mom that her 22-year-old son was stabbing her.

VIDEO: Pastor says stabbing suspect believed he talked to God

A family pastor says the man accused of killing his mom was communicating with God

The elderly woman rushed to the family's townhome, but it was too late. She found her 48-year-old daughter's body inside.

Police say Jefferson had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest. Deputies said it appears several different kitchen knives were used in the attack.

Investigators are still combing for clues at Westwind Townhomes on Garden Grove Court near Windchase, where Jefferson's son was taken into custody.

So far, they have pieced together that the mother and son had an argument last night. Later, there was a call to 911 from the man's grandmother.

After allegedly stabbing his mother, the 22-year-old ran until he found himself at a nearby townhome. Deputies said he broke into the home and found a place to hide.

Deputies discovered Jefferson's son inside a closet.

He does not have a criminal record, according to investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

But, Pastor Patrick reveals the man at the center of this all told him on Monday that he was having "spiritual visions."

Patrick was set to meet with the son and his mother today, but then this happened.

Their pastor describes the family as church-going, and that the son turned murder suspect "reads his Bible all the time."

Now, the family will be left to grieve as two people are missing from their dinner table this Christmas.

Alief ISD released a statement offering condolences to Dedre Jefferson's family. She served as vice president on the board of trustees.

The statement reads, in part:

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Dedre, who was a valued Alief family member and community member. Dedre was a proud Alief ISD graduate, former employee and current board member. She will be greatly missed.