Chicago WWII veteran Lester Adams turns 100 on July 3

ByJayme Nicholas, Justyna Syska Localish logo
Thursday, July 1, 2021
WWII veteran turns 100 on July 3
A funny and remarkable World War II Veteran, Lester Adams, turns 100 on July 3rd and talks about his wondrous life offering both surprising practical and inspirational advice.

CHICAGO -- Lester Adams has experienced a remarkable life and many changes during his close to 100 years on earth.

Lester celebrates his 100th birthday on July 3, 2021. A World War II veteran and the first Black to be promoted to the Chicago Post Office Board of Trustees, Lester has lived in his South Side home since 1954.

Lester shares some surprisingly practical advice for longevity, commenting that "constipation is one of the cruelties to the body," as well as some simple but powerful words to live by, "respect people, and they will respect you, treat people good and they will treat you good."

Lester also talks about how much he paid in property tax in 1954 ($94) what he was making back then ($1.49 an hour) also reflecting on heartbreaking discrimination, the election of Barak Obama and how his strong faith helped him to keep going strong.

Lester loves to joke and tease those he cares about and his sense of humor is clearly on display.

Lester's physician, Dr. Gregory Winstead, from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago, talks about Lester's amazing grace, resilience and service to the county while describing Lester's tenacity, having undergone tough kidney surgery at the tender age of 99, and bouncing back two months later. His nurse, Nikola Williams, also from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, shares her insight on one of her favorite patients.

His longtime friend, Lisa Stevenson, whom he helped financially after her mother died when she was in college, expresses her eternal gratitude. We see the affection people have for this centenarian and watch how even his letter carrier gives him a musical Happy Birthday tribute. Lester reveals that his great grandfather lived to be 107 and that maybe he'll make it.

Dr. Winstead replies, "if anyone can make it, you can."