Diane Lane imagines a world run by women in 'Y: The Last Man'

NEW YORK -- A new FX series streaming on Hulu imagines a world run exclusively by women because men, all people with a Y chromosome, have all been eliminated.

The series, called "Y: The Last Man," follows the survivors in the new world as they struggle to restore what was lost.

"So now, do you collapse without it or do you find your footing and re-invent society out of necessity," said Diane Lane.

Lane stars as a member of Congress who becomes president.

"My character was not voted in," Lane said. "She was left with this job title because of the decimation of the line of succession."

She rallies other women to prevent disaster and she was making a show about a pandemic in the middle of one.

"The framing of this story has become so close to home," Lane said.

It made it more meaningful, perhaps, but also more difficult to shoot.

"We'd have our masks on until 'action' really and we'd rehearse over Zoom and minimal amount of contact so you learn how to show a lot of love through just your eyes," Lane said.

After a long career, Lane is still working to perfect her craft.

"There's something slightly masochistic about being an actor because you create a crisis so that you can have a miracle," Lane said. You can't have a miracle without a crisis. That's sort of inherent. They go together."

The first three episodes are streaming now as part of FX on Hulu. Both are owned by Disney, the same parent company as this station. Another episode will be available on Monday.
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