Yoga comes to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Yoga and art meet at MOMA
Lauren Glassberg reports on the upcoming yoga event at MOMA where 700 yoga practitioners will participate.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Lots of people do yoga, and usually at home or a studio.

So imagine doing yoga alongside hundreds of others, and at a world famous museum.

That's what is planned for Thursday. And it's all about the power of community, getting together for a physical and quite possibly spiritual experience alongside some famous artwork, right in New York City.

A yoga mat in a setting like the Museum of Modern Art, and you might have a hard time turning your gaze inward, because it's in the sculpture garden at MOMA. 700 yogis will do yoga right there.

"The art that surrounds us, the intention that surrounds us, absolutely informs the practice," said yoga teacher Elena Brower.

She will be one of the instructors. The event is put on by Lole, a French sportswear brand.

"Lole means live out loud everyday, and we want to bring that in every city and to as many people as possible," said Isabelle Mille of Lole.

And they're doing it through the Lole White tour, which has been held all over the world at iconic spots, with everyone wearing white.

"It's such a beautiful thing. We get together hundreds of yogis, thousands of yogis, all dressed in white for peace and purity," said Brower.

And Elena also designed some of the pieces. Apparently you can be fashionable while doing those downward dogs.

"I happen to like combining the practice with feeling beautiful. It makes me happy, it's a simple little thing," she said.

But at heart, doing yoga in a setting like this with hundreds of others is about a deeper beauty.

"Really it's about getting together and creating community. It's magic to get all these people together to practice," Elena said. "The yoga brings another energy to the space, and to bring everybody together, getting quiet together and getting strong together, it's always amazing."

In addition to Thursday evening's White tour at MOMA, there will be periodic meetups along the West Side Highway at Pier 25, free yoga sessions for hundreds of folks.

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