Up Close: New warnings about Zika virus

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Sunday, June 4, 2017
Up Close: Zika virus
Bill Ritter talks with NYC Deputy Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Bardot.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Warnings are sounding again about the Zika virus, and it's all because countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have been hard-hit by the mosquito-borne disease.

And of course many from the Tri-state travel to those countries.

Hundreds of pregnant women in New York City have been infected by the virus, and all of them had traveled to areas where Zika is epidemic.

Joining us is Dr. Oxiris Bardot, the First Deputy commissioner of the New York City Health Department and Mental Hygiene.

It was a deadly crime that shocked New York City.

Two NYPD cops were sitting in their car when a gunman came up and shot them - point blank range. An assassination. That's what then-commissioner Bill Bratton called it.

The officers were Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

At the time tensions ran high between some in the community and the police.

But everyone was affected, including our guest: Jordan Castro, a sergeant with the NYPD.

The murders changed his life. He became an author, and his first book is 'Smoke and Mirrors: Police Dreams'.

Bill Ritter talks with Jordan Castro, a sergeant with the NYPD.

Finally, when we say the Hamptons - what comes to mind?

Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, parties and exptensive real estate.

There's plenty of that in the new book, "It Happens in the Hamptons".

We're joined by the novel's author, Holly Peterson, a career journalist who spent some time here at ABC News as a producer.

Bill Ritter talks with Holly Peterson, author of "It Happens in the Hamptons".