Putnam County has another lottery winner

Five new millionaires in six months
January 16, 2008 5:00:41 PM PST
Putnam County has another lottery winner, making it the fifth time in six months that someone from there has won at least $ 1 million in a lottery game.This time, the winner is a 68-year-old woman from Mahopac who was the only winner in the $12 million Lotto Jackpot drawing held January 9th. She is taking the lump sum payment, which is just over $4.5 million after taxes.

The New York Lottery presented a $12,000,000 prize check to Judith Kelly on Wednesday.

Kelly's lucky quick pick numbers - 18 32 50 51 53 58 - were automatically entered into the January 9, 2008 drawing because she is a lottery subscriber.

Kelly is one of about 83,000 New Yorkers who have a lotto subscription. Subscribers select how many games they wish to play per drawing and for how long. Lucky numbers, or a computer-generated set, are entered automatically into the twice weekly Lotto drawings at a discounted rate.

"Random luck plain and simple," lottery emcee Marissa Rodriguez said. "We have more games and more prizes and more people playing then ever before earning record revenues for education. It's a lucky streak for all concerned."

Other recent Putnam County lottery millionaires include two-time Lotto winners Eugene Angelo ($2.5 million in 1996 and $5 million 2007); Mega Millions jackpot winner William Albertson ($75 million); James O'Mara ($1 milion) and Raymond Steadman ($1 million).

Kelly said she had no immediate plans for her sudden windfall aside from some new carpeting.

Mahopac has a population of just 8,478.