Police hunt for pair of bank robbers

March 28, 2008 4:23:21 PM PDT
There is a bank robbery mystery on Long Island Friday. Six banks have been held up in Nassau County in the past four weeks. Long Island reporter Emily Smith has the story.

One of the men is seen, during one bank robbery, passing a note to a teller with his left hand and holding a silver handgun in his right.

The hold-up was one of several. It happened at a Commerce Bank in Mineola at 10 a.m. Thursday, at a bank full of customers.

Police are also looking for another man, who went into an Oceanside bank and took a demand note out of his shirt pocket.

The guy, police say, never displays a weapon to the teller. He was caught on tape three times committing his crimes, using nothing but a pen and paper.

Six banks have been robbed in the past month, four of them Commerce banks. It is a bank that police say walks a fine line with security by having an open, customer-friendly environment.

I can see how it's easily robbed," Commerce customer John Trovato said. "I used to have Bank of America, with the big glass right in front of you. It's harder."

Police are now trying to figure out if the two men are working together. The hope is that this story will lead to an arrest of both suspects and an end to their acts. Police say the risk is much greater than the reward.