Neighbors help dogs out of hot car

July 20, 2008 4:00:23 PM PDT
A group of neighbors on Manhattan's upper west side took action when they noticed at least half a dozen dogs left inside a sweltering car with the windows closed. They liberated the animals and then blasted their owner.

Nearly a dozen upper west side neighbors against one woman as they say she left her dogs trapped in an SUV for more than an hour.

The dogs panted in the blistering heat while neighbors neared an all out drag down fight.

The neighbors didn't just call police they stepped in.

After someone opened the unattended SUV a few neighbors put the seven dogs on leashes and offered them much needed water.

When the dog's owner returnedh, that's when things got ugly.

A tug of war between the owner and neighbors with the dogs caught in the middle.

The owner tried to go home with her dogs while neighbor refused to let them go.

Police stepped in, ultimately hauling 48-year-old Philomena McNamara away in handcuffs.

McNamara called the Eyewitness News assignment desk several times Saturday afternoon.

She say it was poor judgement on her part but neighbors overreacted.

People at the scene had mixed emotions.

McNamara wallked away with a summons for animal cruelty and New York City animal care and control took the dogs.

An animal control spokesperson tells Eyewitness News all 7 dogs are at the east 110th street shelter. They're in good health. They'll stay there until everthing is worked out.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid