Jobless banker considers himself lucky

October 24, 2008 7:19:00 AM PDT
Win Hornig considers himself lucky: He lost his job in the Wall Street plunge.But the ex-Bear Stearns banker found a girlfriend - in the time he gained not working 100-hour weeks. He was introduced to the fired Lehman Brothers banker over dinner with friends. Before, he'd be eating at his desk.

Hornig went from $100,000 annual bonuses to working for free - on a blog called "Banker Gone Broke" that helps people decide what to do next, whether go to school, change careers, or move. He also gets e-mails from strangers gloating over the fall of the Wall Street mighty.

"America doesn't care that people with two years of work experience are no longer making $150K/yr.," read one e-mail.

Another called the 25-year-old from Minnesota an "immature little punk" and a "clueless snot."

"I can understand it," says Hornig, who lost his job as a Bear Stearns analyst in early September, after two years with the failed banking giant being acquired by rival JPMorgan Chase.

"People are pretty upset at the whole thing and they don't know really who I am," Hornig adds, noting that he never got "the payday that some people did. By my second year, they were already clamping down on bonuses."

He's getting severance pay until year's end while renting his apartment, and he feels he has a future.

"Everyone in banking is planning their life without a job," he said.

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