Stunning RAW video in Brooklyn fatal shooting

October 14, 2009 7:35:16 AM PDT
Surveillance video is playing a role in the investigation of a teenager shot to death in Brooklyn. Brian Scott Jr. was killed in a hail of bullets inside a restaurant on Park Side Avenue in Flatbush.

Seconds before the shooting, the 18-year-old appeared to be his usual relaxed self as he walked through a bodega next door to the restaurant.

Video shows Brian with his friends inside, and then leaving the store, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

"I got out of the train station. I passed them. I was going to get my jacket because I was cold. I said hi to all of them, then gunshots -- mad quick," Susan Colon, the victim's friend, said.

Police say around 8:30 Monday night, the suspect first walked past the restaurant and then for some reason doubled back.

"He actually opens the door, holds it open with his foot and fires into the restaurant," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Brian, sitting at a table, was hit twice in the chest and once in the back. Two of his friends were also hit, in the arm and shoulder.

Police say Brian was an innocent bystander. He didn't know the shooter.

"My son was full of love. Full of love. No hate, full of love," said Brian's father, who is devastated over the loss of his only son.

"That's my son, humble. He wouldn't make trouble with no one. All he did was go to school, come home and go skating. That's all," Brian Scott Sr. said.

The quiet teenager expressed himself by roller blading. He one day dreamed of joining the pro roller blading circuit.

"Brian was one of those guys who was going to make it in skating," friend Adonis Taylor said.

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