Child abandoned in stolen car after crash on LI

January 11, 2010 9:55:44 PM PST
A pair of suspected car thieves crashed into a house while being pursued by police on Monday.The whole house shook when the car smashed into the front of the garage, but the real jolt came when Dorothy Caban went outside to investigate.

"I opened my arms and she tucked her head under my shoulder. She was crying. She quieted down, and I wrapped her in a blanket," Caban said.

Turns out when the suspected car thieves took off on foot, they ditched not only the stolen Hyundai, but also a 5 year old injured little girl

"She was complaining about her little hand. It was scraped. Then she was complaining about her tummy saying, 'My tummy hurts. My tummy hurts,'" Caban explained.

Nassau County police were pursing the car around 4:00 p.m. The vehicle may have been stolen in Brooklyn.

Instead of pulling over, the driver smashed through the hedges and then straight into the house at 997 Carmens Road in Massapequa.

"We have to get a new door and a new entire thing," Lyn Kramer said as she showed us the damage to her garage.

With the police in hot pursuit, the two suspects ran off, disappearing into the neighborhood leaving behind a dazed and frightened child.

"I asked her who was driving the car, and she told me it was her mom's boyfriend, Eddie," Caban said.

Why they took this little girl on such a reckless ride is one of many questions that police want to ask the two suspects once they find them.