Former Mets organist, Jarvis, dies

Jane Jarvis, the former organist for the NY Mets, has died at the age of 94.

January 31, 2010 6:19:16 PM PST
Organist Jane Jarvis is still remembered by some long-time New York Mets fans who can recall her playing songs like "Meet the Mets" during games at Shea Stadium. Son Brian Jarvis said on Sunday that his mother died at the Lillian Booth Actors' Home in Englewood, N.J. She was 94. She died on Jan. 25.

A classically trained musician and jazz pianist, Jane Jarvis had embarked on a parallel career at Muzak Corporation in the late 1960s.

She started as a receptionist and retired in 1978 after becoming a company executive responsible for programming. She hired jazz musicians to create soothing background tunes.

She was the ballpark organist for the Mets from 1964 to 1979.

She contined playing at Manhattan nightclubs into her 80s.