Truck driver ruins LI home with heating oil

February 3, 2010 2:40:01 PM PST
A frustrating mistake for a couple on Long Island left their home a mess.You can barely breathe in Charles Garnar's basement. The house is filled with fumes after an unbelievable mistake.

"Have to assume that he knew he wasn't supposed to be filling that pipe," Garnar said.

Early Wednesday morning, a fuel oil truck made a delivery at his Bethpage house. Problem is Garner doesn't use oil heat. An oil filling pipe on the side of the house isn't connected to a tank.

The mistaken delivery sent dozens of gallons spewing right into the basement, where fire fighters ripped down the drywall and the carpets are soaked.

Now Garner could be soaked in a different way.

"From the cleanup, repair on the drywall, getting the smell out of the house -- it's gonna be thousands of dollars," he said.

What's worse, the truck's driver didn't stick around to own up to his mistake.

Now investigators from the Nassau County Fire Marshal's office are on the case trying to figure out who was driving that truck so they can hold him accountable.

"If someone was upstanding as a company, they would say they made a mistake and we'll make to right for you," Garnar said.

The truck is said to be white with blue writing.

Investigators went door-to-door to poll neighbors about their oil companies on the theory that the delivery was meant for one of them.

Fire Marshal Robert Hare says the driver could face a thousand dollar fine.

"We may or may not find the driver, but if we do, we'll let the company do the right thing," Hare said.

As for Charles Garner, his wife is eight and a half months pregnant. Family members moved bags of contaminated clothing out of their home, as they find some place else to live and hope authorities find that truck.