Tell the tooth fairy what you want

July 15, 2010 4:45:27 PM PDT
Remember losing a tooth when you were a kid? Like most people, you would place the tooth under your pillow before you went to sleep, and wake up with a little gift from the tooth fairy; but kids these days do things a little differently.

The website,, a New York City based gift company, allows children to create a tooth fairy registry, where they list all the gifts the hope to get for loosing their teeth.

Children can come in and browse the small shop and then, on a kid friendly index card, jot down items they hope the tooth fairy will bring them.

Six-year-old Maddy finster has already lost 5 teeth, with a sixth one almost ready to come out. Her mother, Lauren Finster, is helping her update her registry.

"As a parent you want to give the kid something that's a little more meaningful and more special when they lose a tooth and not just continue to have them accumulate money and spend it on gum or something."

It's only been running for about three weeks and it's been so successful, that now it's now expanded to a general wish list.

Owner of the online shop, Stephanie Goldstein, says people uses the registry so many other things.

"Older kids have said, 'Can I use the registry for when I get my braces off?' or 'When I get my wisdom teeth pulled?' I had a pregnant women come in and say 'Can't I just use it as my baby shower registry?'" said Goldstein.

Although children love it, some parents are complaining that it goes too far.

"I could see for a wedding. That's a big thing where you get things for the rest of your life. Or for a baby shower, because new parents can't necessarily afford all that stuff. But teeth? You got to be kidding me," said one father who browsed the registry site.

Whether you love the idea or think it's extreme, it's safe to say that has transformed the way people share gifts and wish lists.