Students bring new technology to life

July 26, 2010 3:10:13 PM PDT
Keeping up with the latest technology is important for doctors and people in the medical field. Some local students are at the front of coming up with new technology and making sure no matter where doctors are they have the resources they need.

The Stevens Institute of Technology runs an "incubator" for cutting edge technology, invented by students or faculty.

"We build things and we turn things that solve problems into products," said Malcolm Kahn, Vice President of enterprise development at Stevens Institute of Technology.

A new technology could someday insure that emergency responders always have a good cell phone signal, with a single device that manages the signals of multiple cell phone carriers.

"So there's no dropped calls. There's no need to re-initiate network sessions; if you're downloading an application, you don't have to restart that application as you're losing coverage," said Nicholas Girard, a product developer, explaining why the device is helpful.

Undergrads developed software that will make it possible for the very few doctors in remote areas of Africa, where there is no Internet service, to send important patient information to the nearest hospitals.

"We hope that the technicians that have this software on their laptops will be able to travel to the villages and diagnose the patients there," said Mary Joson, a student.

A 3-D scanning device called "cat eyes" could change the way surveys are done in planning for construction or landscaping projects.

"The increases in productivity, the number of scans you are taking, are a lot larger than the existing technology today," said Professor Kishore Pochiraju.

Administrators at Stevens say these technology examples, some of which are being sold, represent the perfect marriage between academics and real world innovation that can be used in the marketplace."

A Stevens start-up company called "ID 8" is being sold as a digital version of the company suggestion box.

"I think it could be a dramatic change in how organizations innovate and come up with new ideas," said Gerrit Kamp, a Ph.D Graduate.

The college is banking on the notion that corporations want engineers with new ideas.

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